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いち name/age/etc.?
My name's Magda, but I prefer when people call me Madź. I was born on October 27th '94 and I currently live in Poland. You can read more about me HERE.
に previous/saved urls?
I used to be xheartburn, mightvfall & pikaxchen. I also have markimchi, kimswagdae and sugaxkookie saved (I'm using them for theme tweaking only, I might give them away if you want :3).
さん how many followers do you have?
2k+ (and a daily dicrease of about 5 since turning into a kpop blog sighs).
し do you follow back?
I don't always follow back, but if I like your blog enough, there's a 99% chance I'll do it. You can also ask me about that above!
ご what program do you use/where did you get it?
I use Photoshop CS6 Extended and Topaz Clean for my edits/gifs. I've download it from one of the posts HERE.
ろく why aren't you a band blog anymore?
HERE's the explanation.
しち where did you get the icons for social media in your sidebar?
はち where did you get your updates tab (previous theme)?
きゅう what are your favourite textures/psds?
madz, '94 line, poland - GMT +2:00.
i wish i could not give a fuck, but yoongi is just too precious.
» sometimes photoshop likes me «

those thighs ʘ‿ʘ 

himchan was trying to speak but the fans were so loud that he gave up


© Collarbone + mole


wait but who challenged ryeowook in the first place?? 

2 hours later - ok now I now, it was Eunkwang lmao

why do I hear J-hope singing “you’re preggy now” in Cypher PT 3……….

How does he make tying a tie so hot…

16-18/ edits of bangtan

soda cans produced between 1930’s to 1970’s


Big Byung’s Weekly Idol Polaroid Photos